Keeping track of the sunlight

It used to be that around midwinter I’d start obsessively checking day length calculators on the net, seeing how many seconds longer that today tomorrow would be, and trying to work out when my most important day of the year, “Minute Day” would be. (Minute day – or so I’ve defined it – is the first day that’s a minute longer than the day before, thus indicating that spring will come again, and the world isn’t ending.)

In the end, I did the sensible thing, and wrote myself a little gadget which would show the length of the days for an entire year, from six months in the past to six months in the future in one glance. Now it’s your turn to play with it.

You can get to it by going here or by clicking on the “Sunrise Calculator” link at the top of the page. (You’ll need Adobe Flash installed.)

The first time you use it, it will be set for Melbourne, Australia, where I live. You can change this to where you live by clicking on the “My Location” tab on the program, and providing you’ve got cookies turned on, the program should remember this.


This site aims to serve as a reference for information about Seasonal Affective Depression, aka SAD or Winter Blues. I’ll be discussing what it is, how it’s treated, and how well those treatments work, and trying to keep up with articles in the scientific literature.

Topics I’ll be discussing include:

  • light therapy
  • melatonin
  • omega-3s
  • vitamin D
  • meditation
  • exercise

Welcome, and I hope this site proves useful to you.